What is Whitelabeling?

Whitelabeling or rebranding refers to the process where a service or a product removes their branding and logo from their end product and replaces it with the branding and logo requested by the customer.

WCFM Apps understands that in order to build credibility, marketplaces must promote services with their label on it. That’s why we suggest whitelabeling our apps as per your branding before you promote them to your vendors/their delivery teams. In doing so, our apps will look aesthetically similar to your marketplace’s branding in terms of logo, colour scheme, etc. This will let your vendors/delivery teams identify with your marketplace and would directly feel that they’re using a third party app.

But how will that happen? Relax, you don’t need to do much except for providing a few things. And we’ll deliver you an app that has all the features of our original app with your label.

What we require from you:

Step 1: Developing and building the whitelabeled app

Site URL: URL to your website.
Admin access: Temporary Admin access to your site.
Vendor access: Temporary Demo Vendor access to your site.
Name of the app: The name of your app by which you want to publish it on Play Store.
Language: Your preferred default language of the app (any one language). If not chosen, the default language of your app would be English.
Your site’s logo: The logo and app icon that you want to be displayed on the app. The logo and the app icon needs to be in 1024*1024 px from where we can adjust all required dimensions.
Colour Scheme: Provide 1 base colour as primary colour to be used on the app. If you do not choose any particular colour or your chosen colour doesn’t look pleasing on the app, we will generate 3 suitable colours based on the primary colour of your website. Note- try not to choose highly contrasting primary and secondary colours as they might not look good on the app.
Login Page Welcome message: The welcome message that you want to display above the login form of your app.

Step 2: Publishing the app on Google Play Store & App Store

Google account access: A Google account access detail from where the app will be published. Also, do open a Google Play Console account with the same email ID which will be your admin dashboard for the app. Google charges a one-time registration fees here.
Google Firebase account details: Although, we’ll create this account for you, we might ask for any additional details as and when required.
A OneSignal Account: Although, we’ll create this account for you, we might ask for any additional details as and when required.

An Apple App Store account access details from where the app will be published. Also please open an app store developer account with that email id which will be your admin dashboard for the app.
Apple charges a one-time registration fee here (you need to pay the registration fee and create the account for us). You can publish both apps from this account.

Note that all the above accounts are free creation.

Before publishing, we will share screenshots of the whitelabeled app for proofreading and revision (if any). Once you confirm, we’ll publish it on Google Play Store and provide you all the necessary details.

Development time:

The development time for Step 1 will be approximately 20-25 working days after we receive the above requirements of Step 1 and 2. Also the development time might increase if you provide iterations in terms of colour scheme/ logo design selection. Kindly provide other necessary details if and when required during the entire procedure.