Pricing plan

Your customer would recognize your marketplace through your branding. Wish to make
WCFM Customer App look like your own, unique customer app? Opt for our
Whitelabeling plan to rebrand WCFM Customer App or buy our Source Code to
modify the app as per your requirement!

logo-iconWCFM Customer App

$199 (One - time Fee)

Here's what you'll get
  • Your whitelabeled version of the customer app with all the features of the WCFM Customer App.
  • Your brand name, logo, colour scheme and preferred default language (only 1) incorporated in the app.
  • Your store will be seamlessly linked to the app and all data from the website will be automatically populated in the app.
  • Submission of a new app (with your branding) on Google Play through your Gmail account.
  • With an Update Plan: Get updates of the app at regular intervals.
Choose an update Plan
You will pay now $ 199 $ 199 + $ 49 = $ 248 $ 199 + $ 468 = $ 667
From subsequent month
$ 49 / month
From subsequent year
$ 468 / year

$499 (One - time Fee)

Here's what you'll get
  • Source code of the current version of WCFM Customer App in ZIP format shared via Google Drive.
  • With an Update Plan: Get updates of the app at
    regular intervals. Also get access to all previous/future source codes of the app.
Choose an update Plan
You will pay now $ 499 $ 499 + $ 49 = $ 548 $ 499 + $ 468 = $ 967
From subsequent month
$ 49 / month
From subsequent month
$ 468 / year

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WCFM plugins are required in order to use this app?

There are certain fundamental plugins required for WCFM Customer App to work properly. You will have to purchase/download and activate the following before you using this app.

Apart from the above plugins, you might also need to purchase and activate WCFM Ultimate to experience the best of this app with all features.

Why should I buy an Update Plan?
We recommend you opt for the Update Plans simply because it will ensure that your apps are always compatible with the plugins. When the plugins (WordPress, WooCommerce, WCFM Marketplace, WooCommerce/WordPress related plugins) update itself, the API needs to be updated too. An Update Plan will ensure that your app is always up to date with even the slightest of modifications on these plugins. Of course, if you wish to stay with the current features of the apps and have no plans for further upgrades, if any, you may choose not to opt for any Update Plan. Any modifications/bug fixing done for the plugins or the app itself wouldn’t reflect on your version of the app without an Update plan.

How do I access the Source Code repository?
When you purchase the Source Code with Monthly/Yearly Update Fees Plan of any of our app(s), you get free access to our repository containing all the previous and future versions of the app(s). Here’s what you need to do to access the repository:

  1. Create a free account on GIT LAB.
  2. Share the username of the account with us.
  3. We’ll grant access to our app-specific source code repository to the given username.

You can then access the previous/future versions of the source code anytime.

Looking for some customization in the app functionality? Need more features in your customer app?
Sit back and relax while we do it for you!